VATWA Division Flight Service Station


The VATWA Flight Service Station is an Air Traffic Control Facility created by VATSIM Asia Region to promote traffic and activity. This position coves all of VATSIM West Asia Sector The countries covered will be India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan above FL245 when underlying controllers are not connected but if the traffic permits especially during events or group flights FSS controllers can provide top down coverage as the main intension of this FSS is to provide maximum ATC coverage in the VATWA Airspace.

Approved FSS Controller List

Anastasios Stefopoulos 901134 VATSEA
Sachin Gnath 1260885 VATWA - India vACC
Jesil Rahman 1161373 VATWA - India vACC
Aditya Iyer 1307042 VATWA - India vACC
Divya Patel 1166375 VATWA - India vACC
Janam Parikh 1213180 VATWA - India vACC
Shrikar Galgali 1217255 VATWA - India vACC
Anthony Colduck 1318565 VATWA - India vACC
Imal Mille 1102697 VATWA - SRM vACC
Shujaa Imran 1303668 VATWA - Pakistan vACC
Mateen Ali Anjum 1145162 VATWA - Pakistan vACC
Bahaeddine El Zerif 1123672 VATWA - Nepal vACC
Chriss Klosowski 1306415` VATEUD - France vACC
Sarvesh Asopa 1352851 VATWA - India vACC
Joshua Micallef 1342084 VATPAC - Australia
Bailey Brown 1376159 VATSIM Hong Kong
Raihan Shahzad 1208205 VATWA - Pakistan vACC
Pelle Klein 1099570 VATSIM Germany
Debadri Manna 1354481 VATWA - India vACC